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How to Choose a Commercial Contractor

If you are beginning a commercial venture and require assistance from a contractor the first port of call is to find a company that suits your requirements. Some commercial contractors can provide you with the design, planning and regulations angle, but not construction capabilities, others vice versa. If you think you need help with all aspects of the development it is wise to choose a company that can satisfy your needs.

Give your project as much time as possible. When discussing potential contracts with a company it is vital that you have open and honest communication at all times. At Wheatlands we always want to understand the desired timeframes and budgets well in advance. That way we can put in place buffers to find solutions for any unexpected problems, and also build in different phases of the commercial development, where different skill sets will be required.

Wheatlands Construction offers a range of services related to commercial construction projects. We can assist with the design stage of a project, planning drawing and applications, ensuring building regulations are implemented at all stages and the construction itself. Our experience also covers renewable technology and green equipment, including installation.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about getting us on board for a commercial development, we’ll be happy to talk with you. From start to finish we have the expertise and the know-how to provide with a full service.