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Low energy lighting – what does it mean and what are the benefits to you?

We install low energy lighting systems into all off our new builds or extensions as standard. There are many benefits to the homeowner not least of all the impact they have on an annual energy bill. Modern eco bulbs such as LED (light emitting diodes) blow traditional tungsten bulbs out of the water when it comes to efficiency. Although they have been criticised for being slow to light up or prohibitive in cost, their overall value is undeniable. Here are just a few statistics that prove their efficiency.

  • An average 20 watt compact fluorescent bulb will last approximately 12 years and uses approximately £30 worth of electricity during that time.
  • Compare this to a traditional 100 Watt tungsten bulb that uses approximately £150 worth of electricity over that period of time and the maths starts to make sense. If you multiply that by the amount of light bulbs in your home then LED lighting as an option becomes a no-brainer!
  • LED bulbs can be quite bright so it’s worth checking the packets before you buy them. You can choose the type of light you wish to emit by looking at the following descriptions. A bulb that releases 3,500 kelvins will give off a very white light whereas one with 1,500 kelvins will produce something that is similar to an old style tungsten light bulb.
  • If you’re still not convinced then it’s worth recognising that according to EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) calculations, replacing traditional bulbs with low energy equivalents is one of the best and most cost effective improvements you can make when creating your perfect eco-home.