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The Benefits of Biomass Boilers

There are a number of reasons why people are turning towards biomass boilers in recent years, and all of us at Wheatlands Construction agree with the reasons why. That’s why we deliver them as part of our service.

High Cost Savings – Biomass boilers will lead you to see a significant reduction in your costs as a result of the cost of logs, wood chips or wood pellets being significantly lower than oil, gas or electricity.

Renewable Financial Rewards – There are financial rewards set out by the Government for those homes that are switching to biomass energy.

Flexibility and Control – Biomass fuel prices remain stable so you can almost guarantee your costs throughout the year. It also means if you are not at home for a period, you won’t have to pay for fuel, unlike traditional methods.

Greener Choice of Living – Wood fuel is a low carbon fuel, and the increase of biomass energy has seen an increase in the creation and management of sustainable woodland. Biomass boilers are almost smokeless if high quality wood is used to fuel it, leading to efficient emission levels.

At Wheatlands Construction we offer a wide range of services related to low energy and renewable heating and lighting. Whether you require assistance with your extension, new-build or renovation we can certainly help, offering any of the following:

  • Solar water heating (evacuated tube)
  • Photo Voltaic (PV) panels (qualify for Feed in Tariff - ask us for more details)
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Biomass boilers
  • Wood or multi fuel burning stoves
  • Low energy lighting, e.g. LED (installed as standard on extensions and new builds)

Call us for more information on any of these services.