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The Benefits of Timber Framed Buildings

Whether you desire a wooden building for your garden or as the framework of an extension to your home, there are a number of benefits to choosing timber as the material used in the plan of a new build.

Speed of Build – Using timber as the frame for a building ensures that you can erect and roof the building in a very fast timeframe. The framework being erected so quickly cuts costs and also allows flexible working conditions relating to the interior of the building.

Increased Accuracy – Timber is cut to order before being delivered to the project site, ensuring that very precise measurements are used and any issues can be resolved before this part of the process.

Environmentally Friendly – Timber is a renewable material, as well as being a non-toxic substance as well as being sustainable, natural and recyclable. There are few other materials that can match it.

Stylish Aesthetic – Whether you leave the timber frame clearly as it is, spruce it up or use it as a base for other materials for a different style and look, timber is stylish, authentic and looks great in many different applications.

Thermal Performance – The insulation to a timber frame build is contained inside the inner leaf, resulting in no lost heat. In fact, timber homes, extensions and garden buildings are warm, cosy and require little to no extra heating.

Wheatlands Construction has experience of helping people put together projects for their garden and extensions to their home. Our highly qualified professionals can help you plan and build the perfect addition to your home utilising a flexible and advantageous material, timber. Give us a call today and our team will be able to talk through your specific situation, budget and timeframe.