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Top Tips On Winter Maintenance Issues.

Let’s face it we would all rather hibernate in the winter months and await the first signs of spring, however there are a few simple things you can do to your property to minimise the damage of the harsh winter weather.

•             Plummeting temperatures can produce all types of maintenance issues, so assess any potential problem areas before it sets in. Cracked pipes, blocked drains, even leaves in guttering can cause various levels of damage to your property, some of which carry a costly bill.

•             On very cold days make sure that the heating system always comes on and is working efficently. Do this even if you are escaping the UK winter and travelling to sunnier climes. Pipes can freeze causing an array of issues. The last thing you want is to come back to a flooded home and the consequent damage that brings. So time the heating to come on at certain periods of the day.

•             High winds, heavy rain and snow fall can all cause roof damage. Ensure that there are no roof tiles missing and they are fixed properly otherwise you are leaving your home vulnerable to leaks and further deterioration. Consult a property expert who will be able to safely deal with these issues for you.

•             Clear all debris such as leaves and moss from the gutters and drains, autumn leaves and heavy rain fall can cause severe blockages. Once the overflow is blocked rainwater cannot escape so easily and will begin to cause damage to the fabric of the building.

•             Condensation causes all sorts of issues too, damp walls, clouded windows, peeling paintwork and mildew are all signs that condensation has taken hold.