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Why use BIOMASS?

Biomass boilers are widely available in the UK, they use renewable and low carbon fuel and correctly managed they will deliver a significant reduction to net carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels. They offer social and environmental benefits too thus making them the perfect choice for those of us who wish to live an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Choosing the right system for you will depend on a number of factors such as fuel availability, the partialities and restraints of the user as well as the application and site. However by using a qualified installer and firm who understands your needs, the appropriate system can be easily installed.

What are the benefits of using Biomass as a sustainable fuel?

  • It is a ‘carbon lean’ fuel which means it produces a fraction of the carbon emissions of fossil fuels.
  • As a fuel it can be located locally on an indefinite basis if it is sourced from well managed and sustainable woodlands.
  • Because it is sourced from the UK it can help to support the rural economy and other local businesses.
  • Because the fuel source is localised it means that the cost of transportation from both a financial and environmental perspective is reduced. A local network of production and usage can therefore be established.
  • Using biomass fuel will provide an economic incentive to manage woodlands and in turn help to improve bio-diversity.
  • When burnt, the fuel produces lower levels of sulphur dioxide, a harmful air pollutant that contributes to acid rain.
  • Residue bi-products that are not used for energy are usually bio-degradable so will rot.
  • Modern biomass combustion systems are sophisticated and can offer combustion efficiency and emission levels that are comparable to fossil fuel boilers.